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A Junk Removal Service Is The Quickest And Easiest Way To Get Rid Of An Old Sofa Or A Lot Of Junk

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A junk removal service is the easy way to get rid of junk, whether it's an old appliance or a garage full of clutter and trash. You'll eliminate the need to have a big dumpster on your driveway that makes parking difficult. Your junk will be picked up and hauled off immediately. Here's a quick look at how junk removal services work.

Get A Cost Estimate

Since junk removal services usually charge by the amount of room your stuff takes up in a big garbage truck, they'll probably need to see your junk before they can give you an accurate quote. Still, you can get an estimate by explaining the amount of junk you have or by sending them a photo by text.

When the truck arrives to pick up your things, you'll get a final price for the work, and you're not under any obligation to accept their price, especially if it's more than the estimate.

Learn What They'll Pick Up

A junk removal service might take things like computers that you can't get rid of in your regular trash. Still, there may be some things they can't take since they need to unload the junk at a landfill, recycling center, or special drop-off places.

Ask the service about prohibited items so you can set them aside to deal with later with the help of your local trash company or recycling center.

Prepare Your Junk

How you prepare your junk is up to you, but if the junk removal service has to help you bag clutter, they may charge by time, and you'll pay more than if you have everything ready to go. If you can't get your clutter ready, let the junk service know when you call for the truck.

They'll let you know the extra services they provide, such as bagging clutter, sorting, and cleaning up afterward. If you can do the work yourself, you may want everything in front of the garage so all they have to do is carry the junk to their truck.

However, if you have large pieces scattered throughout your house, you may want to leave them for the crew to move since they'll have the equipment needed.

When you use a junk removal service, you can get rid of a single piece of furniture or a whole truckload of junk. And you'll get help moving heavy stuff, which is why it's worth the expense and more convenient than renting a dumpster and doing all the work yourself.

Contact a junk removal service to learn more.