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How A Roll-Off Dumpster Saves Time And Money With A Rental Clean-Out

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If your tenant's lease is about to expire or you have to clean out a dirty rental unit, garbage control is essential. Whether you hire a cleaning crew or you plan on cleaning it yourself, you will need a dumpster. Here is why choosing a roll-off container dumpster is a sure bet for success! 

A One-Stop Trash Disposal 

For most cleanup projects, sometimes bags of garbage and household debris are left behind. It can be challenging to take these items to the landfill or the street for pickup. The great thing about roll-off containers is that they are made for heavy-duty jobs. They are generally rectangular in shape and vary in length. Depending on how many yards the dumpster is will determine how much debris it can hold. The listed size represents the amount of cubic yards of waste it can hold. 

Renting roll-off containers for your next cleanup project offers convenience, allowing you to get the job done faster. With everything from flooring and windows to furniture and light appliances, a roll-off container holds items until they're hauled away.


Filling up a 20-yard dumpster with debris is the equivalent of having to make 10 to 12 truckloads to the dump. Not having to make multiple trips to a local landfill or haul trash to the end of the driveway is a great convenience and also saves you gas and money on renting a large truck and trailer. In addition, roll-off container services make it easier to clear construction waste and open up space in your yard and driveway. 

Rather than have trash and construction waste buildup in the backyard, it is hauled away quickly and conveniently. You can set up how long you want to rent a roll-off container. Maybe you only need the container for 24 hours or you feel the cleanup will take longer. In that case, you can always have them haul the container away in a few days. The choice is yours, but it will save on your pocketbook compared to paying in excess to your weekly trash service for extra bag or pickup fees. 

Saves Precious Time 

When it comes to cleaning up and prepping for a new tenant, time is money. A roll-off container does just that. It allows you to place items directly in the container rather than toss them over the side. Small items and trash from a cleanout project do not always have to be bagged up, making the job flow more quickly. 

Roll-off containers can be placed close to your rental or garage. This is especially beneficial if you have things like cabinets or roofing material to get rid of. It makes trips to and from the container to the house or garage easier and more convenient. In the long run, this saves time and helps you complete the cleaning job much faster. 

Every day when someone is not renting out your space costs money. Bringing in a roll-off container to help with waste removal is like having an extra pair of hands to make things flow faster for you. Get a roll-off container today to help carry away unwanted materials and speed up the entire process.

For more information about roll-off containers, contact a local company.