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Clearing Out an Estate with Help from Professionals

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If grieving the loss of a loved one is not depressing enough for an executor, there is also the responsibility of managing his or her estate. When an estate is being sold so the monetary value can be split among beneficiaries, there is a lot of work involved. The task can be even more overwhelming when the deceased was a hoarder or simply has a large home that is full of content. If you are the executor of such an estate, gathering important documents from the home should be your first step. You should then hire an estate cleanout company to assist with clearing the home out and other useful services. 

Preparing for Professional Estate Cleanout Assistance

Other than gathering important documents, you should go through everything in your deceased loved one's estate to determine what you want to keep. For example, if there are items in the home that are sentimental, you might want to hang on to them or give them to another family member. You should also find items in the home that you would like to sell in an attempt to make money for the beneficiaries as a collective. Hosting an estate sale can lead to all of the beneficiaries getting more money than they expected to receive. After all of the important items have been removed or sold, make an appointment for a cleanout service to remove everything else in the home.

The Extent of Cleaning That a Cleanout Service Provides

A cleanout service can remove a variety of items from a home, including food products that are still in the cabinets and refrigerator. All of the furniture, wall art, clothing, and similar items can be removed based on your instructions. For instance, if you want the items removed from the home but not tossed into the garbage, the contractors will obey your orders. Exterior structures can be cleaned out as well, such as a detached garage or shed. There are also cleanout services that can remove old carpets, but it depends on who you hire.

Donating Useful Items to Charitable Organizations

Just because you or your loved ones do not want certain items from the estate, it does not render those items useless. If you are unable to sell unwanted items but do not feel good about tossing them into the garbage, consider donating the items instead. A cleanout service can assist with making sure such items make it to a charitable organization.