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Dumpster Rental Types: Sizes, Best Use Cases And Advantages

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While all dumpsters can do the job of helping with waste management and disposal, different types are suited for different uses. To help you make an informed decision when getting a dumpster rental, here is a rundown of the various types and their best use cases.

1. Specialty Dumpsters 

If you are looking for a dumpster rental for your home construction or renovation project, specialty dumpsters are the thing for you. These units are available in various sizes, and you can select what suits the size of your project.

These dumpsters have rubber tires, which makes them less harsh on the ground. You shouldn't worry about damaging your driveway. It is also much easier to maneuver with this category of dumpsters, making it easy to place the units in spots that would otherwise be hard to reach with other types of dumpsters.

2. Commercial Front and Rear Loader Dumpsters

The front and rear loader dumpsters are the two main types of commercial dumpsters. Both are medium-capacity dumpster rentals and are available in different sizes.

Front loader dumpsters have slots on each side. The garbage truck can stick its spikes into these slots for lifting the dumpster container and dumping its contents into the dump truck. On the other hand, rear-load dumpsters use a hinge and winch system for trash dumping.

As the name suggests, these dumpsters are perfect for commercial use. Apartment complexes, construction sites, and businesses that generate a lot of waste find this type of dumpster suited for their needs. Multiple businesses can share one big commercial dumpster rental and split the cost.

3. Roll Off Dumpsters

These high-capacity dumpsters are great for remodels, construction work, and landscaping projects. You can choose from various sizes, and the most common size is 40 yards.

The capacity allows you to keep working on your project without emptying the trash often. Loading onto the dump truck and unloading this dumpster rental involves the use of a winch and a metal sled or a robotic arm.

4. Compactors

Compacting the waste inside your dumpster rental allows you to manage the collected trash better. You can keep out pests and control the odor from the dumpster. Similarly, you will avoid the wind blowing your trash away or some of it falling outside the unit. Lastly, you will save money as compacting allows you to reduce the number of trash collections.

All these are advantages you can expect when you rent compactors. They are best suited for big businesses such as hotels and hospitals that generate a lot of waste on the go.

Each dumpster type has its advantages and is more suited for specific uses. Choose the right type to get value for your money.