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Protecting Yourself When Conducting A Hoarding Cleanup Session

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If you know someone who has been hoarding items inside of their home, and you decide to help them with cleanup efforts, you are likely to be a bit wary about what you can expect when you conduct the process. It is important to protect yourself against the risk of coming into contact with contaminated items as well as items that could cause an injury to your body. Here are steps you can take to ensure the cleaning session does not cause harm to you or anyone else helping you to remove unneeded items from a home.

Conduct An Assessment Before Beginning

It is wise to go into the home you are going to be cleaning before you actually begin the cleaning process. This will allow you to assess exactly how much there is to remove and what types of items are present. During this assessment, take note as to the number of items to remove so you have an idea whether you will need a dumpster and how many trash bags you believe will be needed. If there are pets in the home, arrangements will be needed for their containment during the cleanout.

Use The Right Tools For Maximum Protection

Make sure to acquire a few pairs of heavy-duty gloves for workers to use during the cleanout process. This will protect the body against hazardous substances, as well as the possibility of becoming scratched, scraped, or cut from sharper items. Bring garbage bags into the home to use for the collection of waste. Use boxes for items to be sold or donated. If the amount of debris is abundant, there is a need for a dumpster to utilize on the property. In homes with dusty surfaces, the use of a respirator mask is best to protect the lungs while removing items inside of the structure.

Consider Hiring A Professional Service

If the amount of work needed to rid a home of hoarded belongings is too much for you to handle, or if you are worried about the procedures needed to do the job properly, there is an option available. Give a call to a professional cleaning service with experience in dealing with hoarding situations. An evaluation of the home will be conducted by the service to determine the cost of the job, and the procedure of removing items is done quickly and efficiently, allowing you peace of mind knowing that the home is cleaned out with safety in mind.

For more information on hoarding cleanup services, contact a professional in your area.