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3 Factors To Consider When Creating A Waste Removal Schedule For Your Business

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Most business entities are responsible for arranging the removal of any waste produced during the course of a day. Waste removal is an important service that business owners may not give enough thought to. Creating the right waste removal schedule is essential if you want to balance cleanliness and cost.

Here are three factors that you should take under advisement when creating a waste removal schedule for your business in the future.

1. Trash Production

You should always identify your estimated trash production before you create a waste removal schedule for your business. Some businesses will create larger volumes of trash than others.

If your employees discard a lot of items daily, you will need a waste removal company to empty your dumpsters a few times each week. If your company's trash production is minimal, you may be able to schedule weekly or bi-weekly waste removal without any negative consequences. Calculate your estimated trash production to help you gauge how often you need your company's trash picked up by a waste removal company.

2. Number of Dumpsters

Another factor that can influence how often you need waste removal services at your commercial location is the number of dumpsters that your employees have access to. Multiple dumpsters give your employees the ability to spread trash across more receptacles. No one dumpster will fill up too fast, allowing you to leave more time between your waste removal services.

Adding more dumpsters to your property can help reduce your waste removal costs, but you will need to factor in the current number of dumpsters you have access to when creating a waste removal schedule.

3. Access to a Trash Compactor

Many commercial dumpsters come equipped with a trash compactor. These compactors are designed to compress loads of garbage into tightly packed cubes. The compression process safely reduces the amount of space that the trash takes up inside the dumpster, allowing you to fit more trash in the dumpster without it overflowing.

If you have access to a trash compactor, you need to factor this piece of equipment into the equation when creating a waste removal schedule. You won't need waste removal services as frequently if you have a trash compactor, which means you can schedule longer periods of time between your company's trash pick-up days. Managing your company's waste removal services efficiently can ensure the cleanliness of your property and help you minimize operating costs over time.

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