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Rules Of Dumping Dirt In A Roll-Off Dumpster

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Many household owners and businesses use dumpster rental services to get rid of excess garbage. Part of hiring a dumpster rental is considering the price and size of the bin. However, you still need to beware of the rules of dumping in a dumpster.

Make Sure You Load Trash Evenly

Many roll-off dumpster rentals will dump back trash on a job site if the dumpsters are not safe to haul. This is because if the garbage weight is not well distributed in the bin, it poses a great danger during transportation. The truck could easily turn over on the highway. This can injure the driver and other motorists.

As a rule of thumb, do not put heavy rubbish on top of the construction trash bin. Many people do this to push down the lighter parts of the load and create more space in the dumpster. Additionally, you should not pull all heavy trash on one side of the bin. This may make the truck roll on one side while on the highway. Ask your dumpster rental service about guidelines for packing trash in the dumpsters.

Do Not Overfill the Dumpster

Roll-off dumpster companies have a fill line limit for junk. There is a different fill line for both household and construction debris. The dumpster service has a right to remove the garbage if you exceed this fill line limit. The driver may also decline your load, which means you will pay a trip charge on your final invoice when complying with the fill line limit rules.

You should make sure you unload the debris until the load complies with the dumpster rental's rules. Tarp the load to ensure it is tied down properly. If it doesn't, this means it's full beyond capacity. You do not want to fill your dumpster to the brim.  

What to Throw Away

Many companies allow you to throw away construction items like wood, drywall, siding, concrete, and brick. Items like paper, furniture, yard and household waste, and scrap metals may also be allowed. Other companies also allow TV sets, tires, dryers, and washers.

However, most dumpster rental companies are against dumping items containing flammable substances, car batteries, paint, and varnishes. Consult your trash company on what's admissible and what is not. Don't violate their terms on what to put in the dumpster as this could cause you problems with the law. There is usually a special drop-off point for hazardous materials to avoid pollution of the environment.