What planning you need to do before Hair Restoration

Planning in the surgical procedure is not only the surgeon’s concern, but it’s also a research-full task from the patient’s side. The planning to set goal and preparation is needed everywhere, but in the hair restoration concern it needs study, evaluation, research, as well as the introspection in order to achieve the desired goal of the hair transplant surgery. It is believed that the hair transplant cost increases randomly with respect to the graft’s number, performing surgeon, and chosen clinic as well as the location. But, the fact is different as the cost of the hair transplant procedure greatly affected by the patient’s state of the scalp and their histological and anatomical characteristics of the hair follicles to receive the procedure in the best possible manner. The patient’s state to receive the procedure not only affects the cost but also changes a complete picture of the surgery in terms of the chosen technique that influences the outcome at large.

In this article, we are mentioning the factor that counted as the mandatory while planning the Hair Restoration Procedure:

Who is performing the Surgery?

To find the best hair transplant Doctor is not an easy task that is decided after an in-depth research work. One should have to go through many aspects while choosing the surgeon and the expertise of the performing surgeon can be rated on the qualification, experience, number of positive results, the given feedback from the patients, etc. The Surgeon must have MS, M Ch, and MBBS to perform the surgery. The surgeon must earn the board certification and have active participation in the reputed restoration portals, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, IAHRS, etc.

Where is the Clinic Location?

The clinic has a great role in deciding the surgical procedure as it is a token to get the assured outcomes. Where are you living and how far the recognized clinic from your home destination does matter to some extent, but one must concern about the recognized clinic and then distance shouldn’t be placed to consider while planning the surgical option. How many numbers of positive results given by the clinic and what is their reputation in the hair transplant fraternity contributed extensively to weigh the importance of the clinic. The results are given by the clinic also emphasizes the performing surgeon’s skill and understanding that deserves the acclamation ensure us about the successful procedure.

The Role of Cost of Hair Transplant:

The cost of the hair transplant procedure is always a concerning factor while you are going to opt for the surgery. As we all aware that the price greatly influences by the number of grafts, chosen technique, and the surgeon as well as the clinic. On the other hand, the cost also significant changes due to the geographical location, state, city and the physiological and anatomical status of the patients. The cost of per graft may vary from one clinic to another that greatly influences the procedure charge at a great extent.


In the nutshell, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant crucially needs the set of planning, preparation and evaluation in order to receive the best aesthetic touch of the surgery can be seen through the hairline design, and the graft placement on the top, front as well as the crown areas.

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