Spa Rules and Etiquettes That Will Help You Get the Best Possible Experience There!

If it is your first visit to spa, then you are likely going to be a bit confused. However, if you just know some important basics, you are definitely going to enjoy and relax there!

When you search for spas near me on the internet, you will find ample of reliable spas offering the facilities you desire near your location. Before visiting them, make sure that you go through the following rules concerning spa etiquettes to feel at ease during your visit.

Be on time

You will likely require arriving a bit earlier of your appointment time depending on the type of spa you are opting for and the kind of experience you desire to have. For instance, arriving 10-15 minutes before your appointment time can be just good for basic day spa that doesn’t include amenities such as robes, sauna, steam, and locker rooms. You will even require few minutes for filling out the paperwork for first time.

However, don’t arrive too ahead of time if all you require doing is to take off your clothes in treatment room. Just make sure that you leave yourself sufficient time for getting there.

Be clear about your requirements

While making massage appointment, you will likely be asked whether you prefer female or male massage therapist. In case you don’t have such preference, you may get male since most of the people go for female therapists. You don’t need to worry about anything since the massage therapists are specifically trained and they know their boundaries. They even use appropriate draping techniques. So, either male or female therapist can be fine for you.

Switch off your phone

Most of the spas don’t even allow people to carry their cell phones to spa. After all, you cannot really relax if you are busy in checking mails, answering calls, or texting in spa. However, it may sometimes be okay to check emails or text when getting pedicure.


It will greatly depend on the kind of spa you are visiting. In the day spas, generally 15-20% of the tip is believed to be appropriate. Some of the resort spas can even add service fee that may not fully go to therapist. So, if you like the service of your therapist, you can give something extra to them.

So now you know what you should do to ensure best possible experience in the spa during your massage treatment, right? Now, just chill and be ready to relax and have fun!

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