Macro Atmosphere Analysis of Allegiant Travel (ALGT)


The growing figures of individuals entering retirement is excellent news for businesses for example Allegiant Travel who services are aimed at leisure travelers. The upon the market population generally has more flexible schedules and spare time for leisure travel. Center industry has noted for years the upon the market population will adjust their schedules to save money. Consider the success of “early bird specials” all across the nation. Allegiant Travel can take advantage of this population’s flexible schedules and curiosity about finding the right cost. Twenty-1 % of leisure travelers were born before 1946 as well as this group it’s believed they each take 4.1 journeys each year. Additionally, older seniors born between 1946-1954 makeups another 15 % from the leisure travel population. Because the U.S. population is constantly on the age and also the upon the market population grows it may be expected the interest in affordable leisure travel may also increase.


The economy plays a huge role in the healthiness of all companies and incredibly couple of can tell these last five years happen to be easy. American’s are discovered to be thriftier now than five years ago because of the economic decline. Generally, the character of spending has altered in the usa. A study by Fidelity investments reveal that consumer debt is lower and investments are up. This implies that the populace on the whole is analyzing their purchases more carefully compared to what they did prior to the recession. The main focus on cutting costs over these uncertain economic occasions has brought to Allegiant Travel’s success in the last five years when other airlines were taking a loss. They’ve centered on keeping costs lower and supplying their professional services in the cheapest cost point. This concentrate on innovation and as being a cost leader provides Allegiant Travel having a proper edge on other bigger carriers. Although in many sectors the bigger the organization the low the expense because of economies of scale, this isn’t the situation within the air travel business.

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The travel industry groups travelers into 1 of 2 groups either leisure or business. Each kind of traveler has very unique needs and various goals in your mind in addition to the wish to have a secure enjoyable flight experience. It’s believed that leisure travelers take into account 3/ 4 of domestic journeys drawn in 2011. The standard business traveler has an interest in consistent schedules and enjoys the perks of getting points whereas leisure travelers only books a couple of journeys each year and are prepared to quit points to have a lower cost. This is actually the market that Allegiant Travel is concentrated towards because they are the reduced cost leader who runs variable schedules through the season to make sure flights will always be running for their maximum capacity.


Airlines operating inside the U . s . States are controlled through the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA is definitely an agency from the U . s . States Dot who regulates civil aviation inside the U.S. The Homeland Security Agency also plays an energetic role in air travel travel interacting directly with all of passengers just before boarding the aircraft. The additional security safeguards mandatory for travelers since 9/11 could be a major factor behind the elevated frustrations voiced by travelers. The U.S. Travel Association’s study in 2008 demonstrated that travelers prevented roughly 41 million journeys inside a year because of perceived airline travel hassle. Although airlines for example Allegiant Travel don’t have control of how Homeland Security does their job they could lobby for additional efficient airport terminal security which could consequently aid in increasing their profits.


The increase in ecological awareness impacts traveler’s making decisions. Greater than 79% of U.S. adults tell you they are eco-conscious and acquainted with carbon footprints and climatic change. Although travelers are beginning to become more careful of the making decisions and it is effect on the atmosphere they aren’t yet prepared to pay reasonably limited for eco-friendly providers. The present determination is the fact that generally, driving is much more eco-friendly (calculating green house gases) when compared with flying. Although gas prices averaged at $3.78 a gallon many travelers might find it cheaper to fly than drive and remain inside a hotel. Adding not waste time also may help convince eco-conscious travelers to fly instead of drive mix country.


The rise of use of information online through the years has produced savvy shoppers who are able to compare a large number of prices rapidly on the internet and has produced more concentrate on cost competition. The web has additionally decreased the reliance upon traveler’s utilizing travel agencies to set up travel because they feel much more comfortable booking directly online. This puts Allegiant Travel better off because they can to provide huge discounts through booking directly using the customers and staying away from any middle men for example websites like or

To conclude, Allegiant Travel is really a solid company that’s strategically positioned to thrive in almost any atmosphere. They’ve proven their agility in altering using the market demand in the last six years. Allegiant Travels concentrate on servicing the cost conscious traveler appears to become a smart approach because they realize that individuals are still reluctant using their spending even while the economy is improving. The expected increase towards the upon the market population in in the future may also bode well for Allegiant Travel. As lengthy as Allegiant Travel continues to pay attention to proper growth that will permit these to move rapidly once they see an chance or threat coming their way they’re looking for a effective future.

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